Shawn Barner

Shawn Barner developed a creative gift at an early age taking up drawing wanting to became a cartoon animator when he grew up. While in his teens attending high school, he took a video production elective his senior year. Already having knowledge about production from setting up live shows and working sound engineering at his youth church, he figured this would be something new he could learn. That class would ultimately make him decide that he wanted to pursue a multimedia career and he enrolled at The Art Institute of Atlanta in the summer of 2004. Over the next few years he recieved more in-depth knowledge about the media industry picking up and perfecting skills such as videography, producing, directing, script writting and video editing. Shawn has went on to work in numerous production enviroments such as music videos, live events, commercials, post production and television broadcasting. He is excited about what he can bring to Phuzion Media Group and hopes our clients will be too. When not involved with video production, Shawn's hobbies include music production, collecting action figures and repping for his Atlanta sports teams. One weird fact about Shawn is that he has three Chucky dolls because it was his favorite horror movie character growing up.


Uriel Isom

Uriel Isom is one of those artist that believes that the work should speak for itself. With a strong sense of creativity and spark for all things artistic, he views almost all things as an opportunity for him to express himself. So rather it's in a visual, musical, or interactive context he is capable of approaching most situations with an open mind thus giving him the ability to take any project to the next level. Having being formaly trained by some of the finest instructors that the Art Institute of Atlanta could offer during the time he attended, this gave him the opportunity to be exposed to every aspect of the digital media, broadcast, and film making process. Therefore he is as at home behind the lens as he is behind any content editor of choice. This is only the beginning however, because of his driven nature, he is always learning new information and studying industry trends. With combined skill and raw talent he makes up only one element of Phuzion Media Group.